Canada’s luxury heated outerwear

Our goal is to extend the versatility of apparels and innovate them as smart apparels. We design functionality based, high performing and stylish things that you would wear.
— Co-Founder

Why Choose UNOO


Functional and Fashionable

We have designed UNOO heated apparels to blend in with non-heated clothings. Heating technology is seamlessly embedded into the outwear.

UNOO is also designed in Canada with our four seasons in mind.


Crafted with High performing and premium materials

High performing lightweight soft outer shell that keeps you dry in rain or snow. Taped seam construction for the perfect seal.

World’s first taped seam heated outerwear is by UNOO.


Stay cozy anywhere anytime.

For the traveler

Travel Freedom, only outerwear you need to bring for your next vacation.

For everyday

Stay warm without being bulky or heavy. Perfect for your commute or a day out.

For the adventurer

High-performing outer shell provide shelter from the climate. Heating technology adds comfort when you need it most.

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